Sailing route 9001
9 days
Zaanse Schans

Sailing route 9001
Sailing route for 9 days through Alkmaar, the Zaanse Schans and Keukenhof

Woubrugge – Amsterdam – Monnickendam/Edam – De Rijp – Alkmaar – Zaandam – Haarlem – Lisse – (Leiden -) – Woubrugge

Visit De Rijp with its beautifully restored seventeenth-century houses. And Alkmaar with more than 400 monuments where you can moor in the historic center. Time stands still at the Zaanse Schans. With working windmills, the traditional Zaanse wooden houses, cheese and clog factories. Then it is also possible to visit Keukenhof.

Day 1
(3 hours sailing)

Today you sail over the Braassemermeer, the Drecht and the capricious windings of the Amstel to Uithoorn. At the quay you will find some restaurants and shops. Around Uithoorn are several forts that were part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam.

For beginners we recommend sailing towards Amsterdam via the Braassemermeer, the Westeinder Plassen, Nieuw Meer and the Schinkel of Kostverlorenvaart. You can then spend the night on the Westeinder Plassen or Aalsmeer.

Day 2
(3 hours sailing)

Today you will continue sailing on the Amstel to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a bustling city with the canal belt, canal houses, a rich cultural offer, beautiful architecture and a special history. Enjoy the nightlife and museums here.

Experience Amsterdam by walking along the canal belt and beautiful canal houses. Enjoy the rich cultural offer and the special history through various museums such as: the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rembrandt House Museum, the Anne Frank House and the Hermitage Amsterdam.

The recommended port is Sixhaven. The Sixhaven has a unique connection to the center of Amsterdam due to the proximity of two mooring points for free ferries to Amsterdam Central Station, both about a 5-minute walk away. The ferry crossing to the center of Amsterdam takes about 5 minutes. The ferries sail very frequently day and night.

Day 3
(5 hours sailing)

From the Sixhaven in Amsterdam you can enter the Noordhollands Kanaal and then on the Trekvaart Het Schouw along Broek in Waterland to Monnickendam. It is not permitted to sail into or out of Monnickendam or Edam over the IJsselmeer/Markermeer because of the insurance.

Coming from the inland waterways you first have to go through one or both locks to get to the marinas of Monnickendam. In the center is the municipal harbor consisting of various quays. If you are looking for fun then it is worth trying to get a place in the municipal harbour. However, this will not always work because it is often very busy. Our advice is to spend the night in Edam or Purmerend.

From Monnickendam it is about 2 hours sailing to Edam via the Purmer Ee and the Purmerringvaart.

To spend the night in Edam, you could choose to moor at the Nieuwe Haven (inner harbour) or at WSV de Zeevang (outer harbour). Please note: it is not permitted to sail on the Markermeer with our ships.

Day 4
(4 hours sailing)

Today you will sail from Edam for about 1.5 hours on the Purmerringvaart towards Purmerend. You can enjoy yourself all day long shopping in the many special shops in the city. But Purmerend is also the perfect place for those looking for a tasty meal, trendy drinks spot or a fun night out.

From Purmerend you will sail for about 1.5 hours on the Noordhollandsch Kanaal and the Beemster Ringvaart to De Rijp where you can spend the night.

De Rijp experienced a huge boom in the early 17th century thanks to herring fishing. In 1650, a third harbor was dug in De Rijp for approximately 75 herring tubes. Grafter and Rijper shipowners were looking for more expansion and found it in whaling. Around 1680 the whaling fleet consisted of 19 Greenland sailors.

You can also consider sailing to Alkmaar and spend the night there.

Day 5
(2 hours sailing)

From De Rijp you can sail to Alkmaar in about 2 hours. Here you sail back a little on the Beemsterringvaart over the Vinkenhop to the Alkmaardermeer. If you continue sailing along the Kogerpolderkanaal (along the Alkmaardermeer), you will automatically reach the Noordhollandsch Kanaal to Alkmaar.

Explore the famous Alkmaar Cheese Market, stroll through the charming narrow streets of the old town, don’t miss the impressive Grote Kerk and stop at every corner for Instagram-worthy moments.

In the center of Alkmaar you will find several pleasant marinas. Always consult with the Alkmaar port service: +31725200014. More on

Day 6
(2 hours sailing)

Today you can sail through the Zaan region. The region of the windmills on the Zaanse Schans, the Zaanse wooden houses and Zaanse mayo. These are certainly not the only highlights the region has to offer. The Zaan region is also culture, conviviality, entrepreneurship, industrial heritage, the Zaan and also the beautiful green peat meadow areas that surround our region. All these flavors together define the Zaan region.

From Alkmaar you sail back over the Noordhollandsch Kanaal to the Alkmaardermeer. You cross the Alkmaardermeer between the buoys to the Wijde Stierop. Continuing along the Markervaart and Zaan you will automatically pass the Zaanse Schans. There are several public jetties at the Zaanse Schans. For more information, please contact the Zaanstad Port Authority: +31756816888

Day 7
(2.5 hours sailing)

Today you can be in Haarlem in about 2.5 hours. You sail down the Zaan and the Voorzaan to the Noordzeekanaal. You then sail down the Noordzeekanaal in the direction of Haarlem. Stay right sailing! And pay close attention to commercial shipping in front of and behind you. At side channel C, turn off the Noordzeekanaal to Spaarndam.

Sailing further on the Noorder Buiten Spaarne you sail into the center of Haarlem where there are various moorings. Haarlem has a cozy historic center, famous museums, shops and restaurants. Hidden streets from a bygone era, hip concept stores, medieval church and terraces along the water.

Day 8
(1.5 hours sailing)

By sailing a short distance on the Spaarne and then continuing on the Ringvaart van de Haarlemmermeerpolder, you will arrive in Lisse. In Lisse you can view the Keukenhof.

Keukenhof is the international and independent showcase of Dutch floriculture, with an emphasis on bulb flowers. In eight weeks Keukenhof shows what Dutch floriculture has to offer. An ideal harbor close to the Keukenhof is Watersportvereniging Lisse. Bus 50 or Q-liner 361 will take you to Keukenhof in about half an hour.

Alternative: From Leiden you can also visit Keukenhof with the Keukenhof Express. Sail on the Braassemermeer and the Kagerplassen and enjoy the many windmills in the landscape that can be clearly seen from the water. In the evening you can enjoy the terraces and nightlife in the center of Leiden. From Haarlem it is about 3 hours by boat to Leiden.

Day 9
(3 hours sailing)

Today you sail back to your home base of Woubrugge. Through the Kagerplassen and Braassemermeer.
Alternative from Leiden: You sail on the Oude Rijn back to the home base in Woubrugge.

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An ideal starting point

We are located in Woubrugge, in the middle of the largest water-rich area in the Netherlands. An ideal starting point to visit our historic cities, beautiful lakes and nature reserves from the water.

An ideal starting point

We are located in Woubrugge, in the middle of the largest water-rich area in the Netherlands. An ideal starting point to visit our historic cities, beautiful lakes and nature reserves from the water.

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