Edam Kaaswaag

Boat trip Edam

Boat trip Edam
City of cheese and more!

Edam not only has a rich history of cheese. Farmers and fishermen settled on the IJe river. This very simple settlement later gave rise to the city of Edam, which enjoyed steadily increasing prosperity well into the 17th century, to which shipbuilding contributed significantly.

Edam is a city with a very authentic Dutch center, which is convincing proof of Edam’s rich past. When you walk through the old streets and along the quiet canals, you can effortlessly imagine yourself in a Dutch city from several centuries ago. A variety of excellently preserved facades, squares, bridges and monumental buildings continuously capture the visitor’s attention with cozy shopping streets and pleasant terraces, where you can relax from all the impressions while enjoying a snack and a drink.

More on https://www.vvvedamvolendam.nl/nl/edam

Boat trip Edam
Edams museum

The Edam Museum tells the story of Edam’s rich history at two monumental locations in the center: shipbuilding, ceramic industry, architecture, notable families and ordinary daily life. In short, everything that has to do with the history of Edam. More on https://edamsmuseum.nl/

Boat trip Edam

In the past, the ‘Edammertjes’ were weighed in the Kaaswaag, in the historic center of Edam. A visit to the Kaaswaag and the summer cheese market takes you back to the origins of the world-famous round cheeses. More on https://henriwillig.com/bezoek-ons/kaaswinkels/edam/de-kaaswaag/

Boat trip Edam
Fort near Edam

The Fort near Edam is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage of the Dutch Waterlines, and was one of the last forts developed for this unique defense line. An essential part of that defense was also the flooding of the polder area north of Edam. More on https://www.fortbijedam.nl/

Boat trip Edam
Cheese market

One of the preserved cheese markets is the Edam cheese market and it is definitely worth a visit! The Edam cheese markets take place on Wednesday mornings in July and August. During the cheese market, volunteers reenact the former trade and the cheeses are delivered by wagons and boats.

Boat trip Edam
Port for overnight stay

To spend the night in Edam, you could choose to moor at the Nieuwe Haven (inner harbour) or at WSV de Zeevang (outer harbour). Please note: it is not permitted to sail on the Markermeer with our ships.

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