Sailing routes

Sailing routes
Determine your own sailing route

Below you will find various possible sailing routes for 3 days or longer. You are not bound by the sailing routes on our website. With the sailing charts and sailing almanac, which are on board free of charge, you can determine your own sailing route. The almanac provides information about bridges, harbours, telephone numbers and facilities. You can download the navigation charts at This is ideal to combine with the paper navigation charts.

You can also combine several shorter routes with each other! Upon arrival, after/during the instructions, we will discuss with you a suitable sailing route in accordance to your sailing experience. We try to take into account the cities and or lakes you want to see. Please note: the travel times mentioned are an estimate! You can not claim any rights to this.

An ideal starting point

We are located in Woubrugge, in the middle of the largest water-rich area in the Netherlands. An ideal starting point to visit our historic cities, beautiful lakes and nature reserves from the water.