Route 7002
7 days
Hollandse Plassen

Sailing route 7002
Sailing route for 7 days on the Hollandse Plassen

Woubrugge – Nieuwkoop(se Plassen) of Woerden – Westeinder Plassen – Kagerplassen – Katwijk aan Zee – Leiden – Braassemermeer – Woubrugge

A trip across some of the many lakes through the Green Heart of the Netherlands. You will sail past reed islands and unspoilt nature. Here you will discover an oasis of tranquility in the Randstad. You will be fascinated by the water flora and the call of our many water and meadow birds on the Braassemermeer, Kagerplassen, Nieuwkoopse Plassen and the Westeinder Plassen. You can also sail to Katwijk aan Zee to enjoy a day at the beach. It is also worth visiting the Keukenhof in Lisse in the spring.

Day 1
(3 hours sailing)

Today you will sail from our base in Woubrugge over the Heimanswetering and the Oude Rijn toZwammerdam. At Zwammerdam you can enter the Nieuwkoopse Plassen via the sluice. For the Nieuwkoopse Plassen you can arrange your boating permit in advance via:

The many islands with special flora and fauna show that this is a protected nature reserve for a reason. Natuurmonumenten manages 4 free moorings on the Nieuwkoop Plassen: (A maximum of 3 times 24 hours consecutive overnight stay allowed): De Schepengaten – Machinesloot – Brampjesgat – De Kleine Polder. Of course you can also moor in Nieuwkoop itself.

If you are a beginner sailor, we advise you to sail to Woerden. This is due to the narrow passage when entering and leaving the Nieuwkoop Plassen.

Day 2
(3 hours sailing)

On the east side of the Nieuwkoopse plassen you can continue via the Kollensloot over the Kromme Mijdrecht to Uithoorn. At the quay you will find some restaurants and shops. Around Uithoorn are several forts that were part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam.

Beginners who continue sailing from Woerden can sail via the Grecht towards the Woerdens Verlaat to Uithoorn and then follow the route as described below.

Day 3
(4 hours sailing)

From Uithoorn you will sail over the whimsical meanders of the Amstel, theDrecht and the Ringvaart van de Haarlemmermeerpolder to the Westeinder Plassen (Aalsmeer).

Near the Oosteinderpoel on the Ringvaart, about two kilometers from the Bosrandbrug, is the so-called Recreation Support Center of ‘Stichting de Bovenlanden‘. This place can accommodate about ten ships. From here you can take a nice walk, visit a beautiful windmill and enjoy the beautiful nature. The adjoining cycling and walking path is part of the long-distance route, the Pelgrimspad.

The public moorings are primarily intended for daytime recreation. However, you may use the moorings to spend the night in the boat (maximum 48 hours at the same island).

Day 4
(4 hours sailing)

Today you will sail back on the Ringvaart van de Haarlemmermeerpolder to the Kagerplassen (Leiden).

The Kagerplassen is a water area where it is quite busy during summer days. This area is also characterized by the many windmills in the landscape that can be clearly seen from the water.

It is recommended to go ashore at the picturesque island of De Kaag. De Kaag is a good base for a delicious lunch, picnic or for a cup of coffee on one of the many waterside terraces.

Day 5
(3 hours sailing)

From the Kagerplassen you sail via Leiden on the Nieuwe Vaart of Rijn- Schiekanaal in the direction of Voorschoten. Via the Korte Vlietkanaal and the Rijn you arrive in Katwijk aan Zee you arrive in at Katwijk Marina. Marina Katwijk is within walking distance of the beach and the center. You can also roam endlessly through the dunes, visit museums and historical sights. Behind the Boulevard you will find the opportunity to shop or settle down on the many terraces or dine in an excellent (fish) restaurant.

Day 6
(2 hours sailing)

Today it is almost the same way back to Leiden via theRijn en Nieuwe Vaart of Rijn- Schiekanaal. If you do not arrive too late in the day, you can moor virtually in the center of Leiden.

Leiden has 35 courtyards, almost all of them in the city centre. These courtyards are all idyllic places, where the noise of the city is shut out and where it seems as if time has stood still. There is a special city walk that takes you past twelve of the thirty-five Leiden courtyards. Experience for yourself that the courtyards are still oases of peace and tranquility.

From Leiden, Keukenhof is also very easily accessible with the special Keukenhof Express Bus (854) from Leiden Central Station.

Day 7
(3 hours sailing)

On the last day of your trip you will sail back to Woubrugge on the Oude Rijn. If you have time to spare on the day of your return, it may be worthwhile to go to the Braassemermeer and/or the Wijde-AA.

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An ideal starting point

We are located in Woubrugge, in the middle of the largest water-rich area in the Netherlands. An ideal starting point to visit our historic cities, beautiful lakes and nature reserves from the water.

An ideal starting point

We are located in Woubrugge, in the middle of the largest water-rich area in the Netherlands. An ideal starting point to visit our historic cities, beautiful lakes and nature reserves from the water.

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