Boat trip Westeinderplassen

Boat tripWesteinderplassen
Hundreds of islands

There are hundreds of islands in the Westeinderplassen, mostly privately owned. The municipality of Aalsmeer has four public islands in the lake area: Starteiland, Kleine Poelakker, Heerlijkheid and the Akkers van Ravestein.

The public moorings are primarily intended for daytime recreation. However, you can use the moorings to spend the night in your boat. You can moor at the same island for a maximum of 48 hours. More on

Near the Oosteinderpoel on the Ringvaart, about two kilometers from the Bosrandbrug, is the so-called Recreation Support Center of Stichting de Bovenlanden. This place can accommodate about ten ships. From this place you can take a nice walk, visit a beautiful mill and enjoy the beautiful nature. The adjacent cycling and walking path is part of the long-distance pilgrimage route

Boat trip Westeinderplassen

Aalsmeer, the flower village of the Netherlands, is located on the Westeinderplassen. There is plenty to do here, such as visiting the flower auction, the Korenmolen, various restaurants, etc.

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An ideal starting point

We are located in Woubrugge, in the middle of the largest water-rich area in the Netherlands. An ideal starting point to visit our historic cities, beautiful lakes and nature reserves from the water.

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