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When requesting information or after booking, you will receive a document with all the information (inventory list, possible extras, etc.) . Most questions will be answered here. Below we have listed a selection of answers. Is your questio or answer not listed here or do you want to know more? You can always contact us by sending us an email or call: +31172518113

When is the sailing season?

The official sailing season starts onapril 1st and ends on november 1st. (in some regions this can also be from April 15th to October 15th.) Please note that outside this period the operation of bridges, locks and harbors may be limited and that it can be very cold and damp on board early and late in the sailing season.

Instructions and short skipper training.

At embarkation you will receive an explanation about the yacht you are going to sail on and a short trial run / skipper training will show you in practice what you should pay attention to while sailing. We appreciate it very much if you have prepared yourself with the sailing rules before embarking (more on www.varendoejesamen).


Our motor yachts are fully insured, but for all damage up to the deposit you are liable yourself and the damage amount will be deducted from your deposit (per claim)

Possible extra costs.
  • Diesel/fuel: You start with a full tank(enough for 2 to 3 weeks). Upon return, it will be refueled and settled.
  • Deposit / Own Risk per incident: You have a damage liability of € 400 / € 800.
  • Endcleaning: You can clean the boat yourself (inside and outside) or include the endcleaning to you booking.
  • Extras: It is possible to add bedding, towels etc to your reservation.
  • Port fees: to approximately €2.00 per meter/night.
  • Bridge Money: up to approximately €30.00 per week. (No bridge money in South Holland).
Terms of payment.
  • The first installment (50% of the total rent) must be on our account within 5 days.
  • The second installment (50% of the total rent) two weeks before embarking.
  • The deposit €600 / €800 preferably two weeks before embarking.
deposit/own risk per claim.

Your deposit / own risk is €600 to € 800 per claim. We prefer to receive this 14 days before embarking on our bank account. The security deposit is your own risk/liability for:

  • Damaged or missing inventory
  • Damage on our motoryachts inside and outside
  • Damage to third parties

Closing a cancellation insurance.

If you do not have a cancellationinsurance yourself, you can add this to your reservation. We charge 6% of the basic rent for this (without current discounts). Only possible with direct bookings at our company.

Power supply.

All ships are equipped with shore power. If this is connected, you can use 220 Volts. All ships have a 12V connection on board. This allows you to charge your mobile phone, etc. on the go, with a car charger. An USB connection is not available as standard. It is best to bring the USB plug yourself.


Our ships are equipped with a complete set of crockery, pans, refrigerator, etc. In principle, you only have to provide the textiles yourself. Pillows are present. Duvets and blankets are not on board as standard. When requesting information or after booking, you will receive a document with all the information (inventory list, possible extras, etc.) .

You can add, among other things, the following to your reservation:

  • Hand and tea towel sets.
  • Towel sets.
  • Complete bedding.
  • Sleeping Bags.
  • Life jackets.

Final cleaning.

Before embarking, the boat will be thoroughly checked and cleaned by our cleaning staff. You leave with a clean boat and we expect that it will be returned neatly and that at least the basic cleaning has been carried out:

  • Plates, pans, cutlery, cups etc. must be washed and put into the cabinets dry.
  • Wastebaskets emptied and garbage bags should be disposed in the large grey container on the shipyard.
  • Refrigurator empty and clean
  • Toilet and shower clean

Cleaning products are on board and you can borrow a vacuum cleaner on your return!


In consulation, it is possible to take your pet on board some of our motoryachts. Costs are €30 a pet. We appreciate it very much, not to allow your pets on the benches (linery). The nails often cause holes and tears in the upholstery, this will be at the expense of your deposit / own risk.

Bring bicycles.

Our advice is to rent bikes in the places where you dock. Please note that the bicycles on board will limit the space on the deck and can be a nuisance during mooring, etc. This is not recommended, especially for beginners.

We have a few folding bicycles available. If you prefer to rent normal bicycles, it is best to contact


You can park your vehicle with us free of charge. We would like to know well in advance if you are traveling with a camper or similar, so that we can take that into account.

Fishing pass.

We often get the request to arrange a fishing pass. Unfortunately, you will have to arrange this yourself online at

A carefree sailing vacation.

No license is required to rent a yacht! Before you sail, you will receive an extensive instruction on how to use the yacht, and if necessary you will receive a brief skipper training. For beginners we recommend choosing a motor yacht up to 9.50 meters. No rental to students/youth groups!

  • No license required
  • No experience required for motor yachts up to and including 9.5 metres.
  • Instructions and sailing supervision / brief skipper training is included in the rental price.
  • You book a ship and pay no additional cost per person
  • Complete kitchen inventory (excluding textiles)
  • Navigation charts and almanacs are available on board free of charge
  • Flexible sailing routes for everyone
  • Minimum captain age 21 years
  • Free parking



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Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are happy to advise you on which motor yacht is suitable for you and what the availability and prices are in the desired period.

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