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Shipyard van der Laan

We are a typical family business with the third generation running the business today. The brothers Pieter, Arie and Simon van der Laan fully manage the company. The rental of motor yachts is the core business, but repair, maintenance and winter storage also play an important part within the company.

  • Install bow/stern thruster
  • Installing marine diesel
  • Maintain engines, steel, wood, or polyester
  • Repairs engines, steel, wood, or polyester
  • Painting
  • Crane lifting up to ± 20 tons
  • Winter storage inside and outside
  • Spray down underwater hull
  • Marina/passer’s port
  • Delivery ship parts
  • Diesel filling station (TRAXX)

Shipyard van der Laan
diesel oil Traxx

  • Up to 5% fuel savings
  • Excellent protection against bacterial growth and clogged filters, also in home tank installations
  • Faster ‘cold starts’ thanks to cetane-number 55
  • Fully complies with the EN590 standard
  • Tested and approved according to international test methods
  • Controllable quality

Shipyard van der Laan
Winter storage

If you want to be in winter storage with us, please contact us. We have a large number of storage places outside on the shore. We also have some places with covered storage.

If you provide the information below, we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

  • Mention Motorboat/Sailboat
  • Type of boat and/or description of the shape of the underwater hull
  • Weight
  • Dimensions

Shipyard van der Laan
Work on your own boat

You can work on your boat yourself. Please note that if you are going to work on your boat yourself, you must take into account some rules regarding safety, the environment, nuisance and the prevention of damage to other boats. You can obtain advice from us without obligation to repair and/or maintain your boat.

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