Boat trip Loenen aan de Vecht

Boat trip Loenen aan de Vecht
Estates, castles and country estates

Over the centuries, several estates, castles and country estates have stood in the vicinity of Loenen aan de Vecht. Most of these have not stood the test of time, but some, such as the Nieuwerhoek country estate, can still be visited in all their glory.

The historic center of the village is dominated by the large church and the bridge over the Vecht. The large church of Loenen aan de Vecht is a so-called pseudo-basilica, the oldest part of which dates from the thirteenth century. The leaning tower of the church was built around 1500 and is almost 80 centimeters off plumb and slowly sinks further and further away. The old drawbridge over the Vecht is still in use and is regularly opened for pleasure craft. (Bron: Wikipedia)

Boat trip Loenen aan de Vecht
Corn mill de Hoop

Corn mill De Hoop is located on a beautiful spot along the Vecht in Loenen. More than 350 years ago, in the seventeenth century, there was already a corn mill on this spot. This was a forced mill, where farmers were obliged to have their grain ground. In those days, sloops and barges could sail into the mill from the Vecht to load or unload. Do you see the blue flag on the mill? Then the mill is open for viewing! More on

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